Plant Science Post

What is Biotech Anyway?

March 4, 2015
Farmer Livelihood

Plant biotechnology can be complicated to explain – we know this better than anyone. What are biotech crops? How do scientists create them? Do farmers really need genetically modified plants? We have created two illustrated guides to answer your questions and explain where biotech crops come from. Check them out!

plant_biotech_101_thumb Plant Biotechnology 101
Many people find that they need to visit multiple sources and decipher all kinds of scientific jargon to find information on biotechnology. That’s why we created the Plant Biotechnology 101 booklet. It offers simple explanations and handy infographics to answer the nine most common questions we get asked about biotech crops. Give it a read.
psp_seedstory_thumbnail A Seed Story
Ten thousand years ago, early farmers saved seeds from plants that flourished on their farms and replanted them. Today, modern scientists use biotechnology to create seeds that can grow and thrive in challenging climates. It’s an amazing feat, but how did we get here? Check out our history of the agricultural seed graphic.