Plant Science Post

Meet the Scientists Solving the World’s Greatest Challenges

November 14, 2016

Plant Breeder, Donna Knievel hand-pollinates canola in her lab, Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon City, Canada.

Plant Breeder, Donna Knievel hand-pollinates canola in her lab.

Food and nutrition security, climate change and biodiversity loss are just a few of the major challenges facing the world today. And while farmers are on the front line to meet those challenges, plant scientists are working behind the scenes, in field trials and laboratories, to develop new tools that growers need to produce nutritious and plentiful crops under difficult conditions.

“Agriculture is an industry where we need science and scientists to tackle these issues,” says Donna Knievel, a Canadian plant breeder with Dow AgroSciences. “The world’s population is increasing and in the next 50 years, farmers will have to produce as much food as has been consumed since the beginning of humanity.”

You can read Donna’s full story here. She is just one of the inspiring plant scientists that CropLife International is featuring in the new Food Heroes campaign, which celebrates the men and women who work tirelessly every day to sustainably provide the world’s population with nutritious foods and beverages.

Meet all of our Food Heroes here and follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #FoodHeroes.